Friday, September 28, 2012

What She Thinks of Your Bad Pick-Up Lines ?!!

What She Thinks of Your Bad Pick-Up Lines - bored woman - not interested

Pick-up lines are bad – there’s no doubt about it. You’ve been advised against using them by dating experts, you’ve been rejected by countless women, and yet you still have an affinity for the bad pick-up line. If you’re going to attempt a pick-up line, here’s what she thinks about it and how to do it right.

Don’t be mediocre
Your pick-up line should be one that she hasn’t heard before. If it involves heaven being missing an angel, don’t even try it. She may have laughed at it the first time she encountered it, but by the twentieth time it wears a little thin. If you can think of an original line, or come across one that you can appropriate as your own, use it in place of a cliché. Giving her a line she hasn’t heard before will make her think a little more, and will probably make her laugh.

If you’re not funny, it won’t work
A bad-pick up line is cheesy and awkward, not smooth and serious. If you use one, it should be as a way of showing your lame sense of humor, not an earnest attempt at impressing the pants off her with your wit. So let’s say you’ve presented your corny pick-up line, and she’s in stitches – all is going well. You then have to follow it up with continuing to be funny. You don’t have to pull out endless one-liners like you’re a comedian, but act as if you don’t take yourself too seriously. If she sees you’ve tried a line on her, then turned out to be quite dull, she’ll think that you actually are seedy enough to use a pick-up line to get with her. If you continue to show how hilarious you are, she will not only be impressed by you, she will also be having a great time laughing at you.

Don’t expect the line to do all the work
A lame pick-up line is a fantastic icebreaker, but does nothing for your cause of trying to bed her. Don’t be a one-trick pony – bring out something other than your sense of humor. If you’ve managed to hold her interest for a while and all you’ve done is be funny, she’ll think you have no other redeeming qualities. This doesn’t mean you should suddenly stop being funny – of course being funny is never a bad thing (unless you’re at a funeral, which isn’t the best locating for picking up). But you should show her that there is more to you than that.

What if she’s not into funny guys?
I’m not sure that it’s possible for women to not appreciate a funny guy – after all, everyone has a sense of humor. If your lame pick-up line failed to get a giggle, she’s either a snob or too stupid to understand that it was a joke. Try telling her that the line worked on her sister – okay, this will only hurt your chances, but it will be hilarious to see her reaction.

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