Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Right Way to Apologize to Her...

The Right Way to Apologize to Her
So you've screwed up pretty bad, and whether you think you're right or wrong, you know that you have to apologize to your girlfriend so you can get your relationship back on track. So how do you apologize to your girlfriend the right way? Here's some tips on how to apologize in a way that will bring a peaceful and lasting resolution:

1. Accept responsibility for your actions
Apologizing doesn't just mean saying you're sorry and forgetting it ever happened, so make sure you know what you did wrong, be willing to accept responsibility and remember that saying sorry means acting sorry. There’s no way a woman will believe you’re sorry if you still act like the situation is her fault--even when it’s clearly yours, so say you're sorry with as much sincerity as possible. And keep in mind that it's always better to apologize in person as apologies over the phone, e-mail or text aren't nearly as effective.

2. Reach out to her
In the heat of an argument, you're liable to say things you don't necessarily mean. So after the her that it was just a disagreement and that you're there to listen to her. Even if she criticizes you, try and show understanding, as you would want her to express the same thing while you're speaking. Express to her that although certain things about her bother or irritate you, you still love her and ensure her that your feelings for her could never change just because of a simple disagreement.

3. Make plans for the evening
Most women will be more likely to forgive you if at least some nice flowers are in front of them to soften the mood when you confess your transgression. Once everything has settled down, take the time to plan a quick activity to get your minds off the argument and to reassure your partner that you still care about her and that it's okay to move on.

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