Friday, September 14, 2012

The Commitment Phobic !!!

relationship_commitment_phobia_The Commitment Phobic
A great deal of men believe that once things get serious, women will come down on them and expect a very serious relationship. It's important for men to understand that when things begin to get serious, women tend to expect the two of you to become exclusive and start planning a future together. However, if all your relationships never make it past a couple of months, you may be the cause of your breakups. Here are some signs that you're commitment phobic.

1. You have a bad history with women
The perfect sign to spot a commitment phobic man is to look at his history. Most commitment phobic men used to have a history of real short relationships where they have been mostly at fault and tend to blame the female for anything and everything. These men often use the excuse that they haven't found the right woman yet.

2. You constantly flirt with other women
Constantly flirting with other women and/or constantly getting caught staring at other women when you're in a relationship is a big sign that you're not ready for a commitment. Guys like this usually have a history of infidelity.

3. You become distant
Guys like this say they want a real relationship, but also want the freedom that comes with being single. Even if nothing is wrong in your relationship,you begin rejecting her by not calling and not wanting to see her for days. This might be a sign that you're drifting away due to a fear of commitment and could be ruining a good relationship.

4. You treat her like your mistress, not your girlfriend
Severe commitment phobics often do not invite their girlfriends to their homes and avoid public outings with their girlfriends, especially events and outings that may include family and friends.

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