Friday, September 21, 2012

Reasons Why Women Date Jerks !!!

Reasons Why Women Date Jerks - jerk-boyfriend

Single women often say they want a good man although very few believe they can find one. Those who don’t have a good man usually insist that they do while many more women reject a truly good guy without a thought. It is not that women deliberately look for jerks, but rather, they're attracted to certain behaviors that satisfy their genetically programmed mating instincts. Here are 4 reasons why women keep kicking nice guys to the curb and welcoming in the jerks.

1. They have daddy issues
Although a lot of women who come from stable families date jerks, the most common reason a woman becomes addicted to and stays in an abusive relationship is because of the absence of her father from a very young age. Usually, this emotional void leads women to get involved with liars, mooches, criminals, drug addicts and cheaters to fulfill this void. And when they find men like this, they become so attached that they'll just take any abuse thrown at them.

2. Nice guys are boring to them
Nice guys are often seen as a pushover who can't say no to anyone and allows himself get walked on. Because the nice guy doesn't practice being a challenge and says yes all the time, women don't trust or respect them, become bored and eventually turn to the dominant, untamable jerk who can make them feel excited -- not bored.

3. Jerks are mysterious and spontaneous
Nice guys feel that the only way to impress a woman is by telling her everything about themselves within the first few dates. Some men even go as far as telling their whole life story within the initial ten minutes of their first date, scaring women away in the process. Jerks who are not accountable for their actions, their words or their time reveal only the essential information needed in order to keep a woman's interest level high, keeping women flocking to them in swarms.

4. They're emotionally immature
Emotionally immature women simply don't appreciate good men. Emotional suffering and drama are a lifestyle to them and they tend to attract and be attracted to jerks and remain in relationships that are destined to fail. Bad relationships, pain and disappointment is usually all they have known when dealing with the opposite sex and someone, at some point in their lives has imbedded the thought that this is all they deserve. These women with emotional baggage are more likely to act abusive, manipulative, and neglectful themselves the few times they are in good relationships with nice men.

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