Thursday, September 27, 2012

Don’t Let Your Dating Life Pass You By !!!

sad_man - Don’t Let Your Dating Life Pass You By

I was talking to a younger cousin of mine a few days ago and he said something about dating that I found upsetting. He told me that he’s “not even gonna try” to meet or date any women until after college when he gets a “good job”…

I was dumbfounded, but when I regained my composure I was able to formulate the obvious question: “Why the hell not?!?”

His reasoning for this “decision” was horrifying to me as a professional dating coach, but unfortunately it’s a rationalization that I’ve heard many times before. He told me that he just doesn’t feel that he has “anything to offer” a woman right now because he doesn’t have enough money.

The guy is 25 and works full time, even though he’s in school. He has a good sized apartment with a roommate, he makes enough dough to drive a cool car, buy the latest video game systems and smoke all kinds of fancy weed. But he’s got himself convinced that he doesn’t have what it takes to pick up chicks or have a girlfriend.

What a load of horse shit!

When you are 25 like my cousin is, nobody expects you to have a great job, especially in this economy. And when you are in college you are surrounded by college chicks every time you are on campus! How on earth can you not take advantage of this incredible opportunity? Do you have any idea what your average working stiff would give to be back in school surrounded by young babes? Ever see “Old School”? Jeez…

Yeah, making money is a good thing. But that being said the richest guys I know don’t get the hottest girls. In fact out of all of my friends who are really good with women three of the best are a waiter, a cubicle worker, and a dude who lives at home and does odd jobs around his neighborhood to get money to go to the bar (totally serious).

So, please do yourself a favor and don’t wait to reach some milestone like getting a good job, or losing you pot belly to start pursuing women.

Tomorrow is not guaranteed.
Nothing in life is. You might never get in shape, and my cousin might never get a great job.

Not to be a Debby downer here, but you could get hit by a bus, or an asteroid could come along and wipe us all out. So you’ve gotta live for today and take advantage of your youth! And if you’re not young, take advantage of your middle-age, or your golden years… No matter where you are at, accept it, and grab that bull by it’s horns and ride that S.O.B.

You don’t want to be that guy who wakes up at age 45 with a great job and a six pack of abs just to realize that the things that you’ve worked for all these years don’t even matter much to women anyway. Take advantage of the opportunities that you are presented with, i.e., if you have a hot new co-worker ask her out. If you are still in school start talking to the girls in your classes. And if you have an internet connection put a profile on a dating site and get in on this massive opportunity!

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