Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Buying Lingerie For Your Girlfriend !!!

Buying Lingerie For Your Girlfriend
Many women love receiving lingerie from the man in their life, and most men love giving it as a gift. The appeal of the gift comes from a woman feeling sexy in something her man bought her, and the man benefiting from the gift by making his woman feel special; however, buying lingerie for her can be tricky.

You have to realize that not all lingerie is romantic, for example, something like, say, crotchless panties and baby doll tops could be seen as slutty and more of a gift for you takes the romance right out of it. When it comes to this gift, you have to think sensuous and you need to know what sort of lingerie your your woman would like.

Take a look at the lingerie she already owns and see if she wears lacy thongs, camis and baby dolls or if she tends to stick with silk, satin and lace robes, slip dresses and simple bra tops with matching panties. Remember that part of your woman feeling sexy is feeling comfortable. If the item you buy her is too tight, falls off of her or is made of cheap material that irritates her skin, it defeats the purpose. If you don’t know her size, include the gift receipt so that she can exchange it.

When she's wearing the lingerie you selected for her, tell her how beautiful you think she is and how good she looks in it. Expressing how much you like her body in her new items may encourage her to be happier with her self image, awaken her sexuality and could be even more fun for you when she wears them!

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