Thursday, September 27, 2012

10 Things You Can Do Right Now To Attract More Women !!!

10 Things You Can Do Right Now To Attract More Women

A lot of guys complain to me that women just don’t seem to like them. They try working their social circles, and they try doing approaches, but for some reason they just can’t get many good responses. And when they do get a number, the chick usually ends up flaking.

So what’s going on here?

It’s a matter of attraction. If you can’t make her “feel” you, then nothing else matters. You can forget about rapport, or escalation or any of that next level stuff… It all starts with attraction.

There are a lot of theories about “how to improve your hit rate” but today I wanted to keep things simple and give you 10 concrete things that you can do that will instantly make you more attractive to women:

1. Join a gym
Most chicks (with the exception of Snookie) are NOT looking for “juice head gorillas.” But, most women ARE attracted to men with lean bodies and a bit of muscular development… So get on that! If I have one more out of shape dude complain to me that he can’t pull chicks I might snap. Seriously, why would a fit chick with buns of steel want to date a dude who has triple chins and saggy man boobs?

2. Get some new gear
Just like going to the gym, a new outfit alone is not going to get you girls. However, dressing cool is an important part of the bigger picture of attraction. One of the best things about cool new gear is that not only does it make you look good, but it greatly improves how you feel about yourself. And you don’t need to spend a lot, I just got a t-shirt, a button up, a sweater and a hat for 68 bucks at Marshall’s and they are all SWEET!

3. Speak with authority
Meek talkers don’t attract women, so make an effort to project your voice clearly and loudly enough so that everyone can hear you. Mumbling is a sign of low self esteem and that is extremely unattractive to women.

4. Walk like a man
Countless girls have told me that they can tell if they are attracted to a man BEFORE he opens his mouth, simply because of how he carries himself. It’s called swagger, and women lap it up like a kitty drinking cream. (I’ve got a whole section on this in my Online Dating Playbook.)

5. Hang with hotties
It’s a well documented fact that women respond better to men who they perceive to be pre-selected by other females, in particular other attractive females. I discovered this myself a few years back when I started going out to happy hour every Thursday with this smoking hot married chick Jenny who I used to work with. This was back during the “dark chapter” of my dating life, when nothing else was working for me, and I was amazed at how other girls would sweat me every time I was hangin’ with my hot friend. So if you have any female “friends” you can go out to bars with I definitely recommend that you take advantage of this “loop-hole” in female psychology.

6. Get your career on track
You don’t need a six-figure income to attract women, and unless you actually whip out your balance sheet no girl is going to know how much you are bringing in. But, that being said getting your career on track is great for improving your own self-esteem and self-confidence which you in turn radiate out to all the women you come into contact with.

7. Don’t stare like a creeper
Nothing kills attraction quicker than staring at a girl like a hungry dog salivating over a bone. It’s ironic, but women can tell which guys are the “hungriest” for female attention and affection. And as unfair as it may seem, women simply refuse to “feed” these hungry guys… It’s the dudes who are already “gettin’ it” who have girls lining up to throw it at them. The lesson: Make sure NEVER to appear hungry to a woman, even when you’re freaking STARVING!

8. Smile with your whole face
It may sound trite to recommend smiling at girls, but I still see guys goof this one up. One of the biggest problem guys have with smiling is that they do it in an in-congruent way. For instance a guy will have a dopey smile on his face but he’ll have an anxious look it his eyes and his body language will convey nervousness. So, it’s important that when you smile at a chick you relax your eye lids at the same time and avoid any other gestures than convey fear or discomfort.

9. Talk to everybody
Social intelligence and status are attractive qualities, and one of the best ways to showcase these traits is to talk to everybody around you. This is something that I have to push myself to do, because I’m not naturally very outgoing in social situations. But as a dude you just can’t play the role of a shrinking violet, it’s not cute.

10. Get online
Online dating automatically gives you access to thousands of women that you otherwise would not be meeting. Simply creating a profile and uploading a picture automatically gets your face out in front of your target audience. Most guys don’t do this correctly, and get bad results online, but I’m going to show you an easy way that you can meet women online every time that you log on.

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