Saturday, August 4, 2012

Why You Should Always Try To Sleep with Women as Quickly As Possible

Why You Should Always Try To Sleep with Women as Quickly As Possible
Hey! What’s up?

Jon Sinn here and today I want to talk to you about why you should try to sleep with women as quickly as possible.

Today we’re going to be talking about same night lays and why they’re the best way to start ANY type of relationship with a woman you’re attracted to.

Get that same-night sex

So the first thing I want to do is define what a same night lay is. A same night lay is not a one-night stand. That’s where a lot of the controversy about the same night lays course that myself and Captain Jack created three years ago, came from. A lot of the times in the traditional seduction community, the idea was taught that if you sleep with a woman the first night, it was a fool’s mate, and it wasn’t “solid game”, and you’re probably never going to see her again. Now there are certain scenarios where you will sleep with a woman the first night and never see her again. Sometimes you’re on vacation, sometimes she’s on vacation. Sometimes she has a boyfriend or husband, and there are different justifications for why women will sleep with you one night and then not want to sleep with you ever again.

But the same night lay was a term by my buddy Captain Jack, and it really describes a situation where you sleep with a woman the first night you meet her and then you started ongoing sexual relationship with her, or at least have the option to, and that kind of follows the same ideas of relationship management that you would go through when you go in a dating loop as opposed to the same night loop.

Same night lays are different from one night stands because there is the potential of seeing each other again, and they can be framed as the beginning of a relationship, or they can be framed as the beginning of a sexual relationship where you guys are just kind of fuck buddies and are hanging out and having sex.

So there are a lot of different avenues that can come from the same night lay, but the one thing that I think is really important about SNLs is that when you sleep with a woman, the power dynamic in the relationship tends to flip, so the best way to get into a relationship with a girl is to actually sleep with her as soon as possible. Especially if you sleep with her the first night you meet her because then you have the added value of her knowing you’re the type of guy who gets girls fast.

Now I know that sounds kind of strange, but the thinking behind it goes like this. The women will think of a million reasons not to sleep with you before you’ve had sex with her. Whereas, after you’ve sex she has to come up with a million reasons to justify why she did, and she’ll realize that she must have liked you and got caught up in the moment, and that it’s okay, or whatever rationalization she comes to. But in my opinion and experience the faster you sleep with a girl of a chance you’ll have to continue the relationship in a way you have a majority of the power and can dictate what the terms of the relationship will be and what level of commitment you expect from her.

So that’s why it’s actually better to try to sleep with a girl as soon as possible because it’s easier than you think and will give you all the power you want with the women you desire.

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