Monday, August 27, 2012

Why Sending Winks to Women Online is a BAD Thing

Why Sending Winks to Women Online is a BAD Thing
Sometimes, life ain’t fair.

Just ... don't.
Girls are totally allowed to ask for a free drink, get the last seat on the train (because they’re wearing heels- duh) and send winks on dating websites. In exchange they have the babies; that’s the deal.

If you try and get away with any of this shit, it just doesn’t work the other way round. Try getting a girl to buy you the first beer, asking a pregnant lady to give up her seat for you or attempting to use the wink on a dating site, just doesn’t fly for dudes.

Think about this for a second…

Don’t you think there’s a reason why dating sites let you send winks/teases for free?

Why? Because they have a proven LOW RESPONSE RATE!

So many people overlook this. If they got you chicks, trust me, the dating sites would charge you to use them.

Winks also give women a really poor impression of you as a guy. Here are some typical things that a girl thinks if she gets winked at by you:

“Wow, he must be really shy; otherwise he would have emailed.”

Note: girls dig confidence. Winking is the internet equivalent of staring in real life: you seem at best insecure, at worst creepy.

“OMG is he too cheap to pay to email me?”

If this is true, let’s face it, you shouldn’t be dating. If you’re not willing to pay $25 a month for a membership, then (trust me) you can’t afford dating. Your subscription fee is like your business start up costs, swallow it, or take to the streets and bars and meet girls the old fashioned way.

“WHAT? This guy wants ME to make the first move? Is he nuts? If he’s interested, he’ll contact me.”

She then ignores your wink, gives you a day or two to email, then decides for sure that you are a wuss.

That’s what’s going on in a woman’s head when you wink at her. I’m totally serious. I’ve interviewed over 1,000 women and that’s what they’ve ALL told me. So now you’ve had the long answer here’s the short one for the rest of you knuckleheads: Is it ok for you to send winks to women online? Pay close attention here:

Absolutely NOT.

My advice is stay the hell away. The strategy I recommend is to focus on those things which give you the most results in the shortest amount of time. It’s called leverage and it’s one of the biggest benefits of meeting women online. You don’t want meeting women online to be work. You want to do this stuff, get done with it, enjoy your life and get results.

So take control and show just how confident you are by NOT sending winks/teases, because they say to a woman you’re unconfident, shy, cheap and generally a guy she doesn’t want to hook up with. So they’re a waste of time for you to send. However, they DO have a use: They’re great for women to use to show you THEY are interested in YOU.

Yep. While you sending a wink is lame, weak, and pathetic, when a girl winks at you it becomes sexy, flirty and fun.

Like I said: life just isn’t fair like that.

Don’t worry though – I’m going to show you how you can use this blatant internet dating sexism to your advantage by using a sneaky technique to get women qualifying themselves to YOU when they send you that wink or tease.

You can make internet dating work for you: save time, money and get a lot of pussy. Just man up, read my course on getting amazing success online, and leave the winking to the ladies.

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