Monday, August 27, 2012

What To Do When She’s Convinced You’re Gay

What To Do When She’s Convinced You’re Gay - group of friends
Whenever a man with even the slightest sense of style comes along, some women will assume he is gay and refuse to believe otherwise. For the straight man with style who is constantly told he must be in the closet, this can be frustrating, and greatly diminishes your chance of picking up if women don’t think you’d be attracted to them.

Take it light-heartedly

Not the worst thing in the world
A straight male friend of mine used to always really get annoyed when people thought he was gay. Women would refuse to believe he was straight, and men would hit on him. But, when he got angry at them, they would just assume he was in the closet and hadn’t accepted himself yet.They would also end the conversation due to his taking offense, and go talk to someone else. Once he learned to respond without getting annoyed, they were more inclined to believe him when he said he was actually straight, and there was no longer the awkwardness caused by his frustration at them.

The most important thing is not to make a big deal over it. If a woman suggests, or asks if, you’re gay, tell you that you’re not, and move onto another topic. Asking her why she thinks that will not help your case, as it shows that you don’t understand yourself and lack the self-assuredness to accept that you seem a bit flamboyant.

Don’t try to overcompensate
Never try to make yourself seem more straight by doing typically manly things when a woman thinks you are gay. She will be able to see through the act, realizing that you want to appear straight. She could very easily misinterpret this is as you being gay but wanting to hide it, rather than you wanting to be accepted as being straight.

Take it as a compliment
If someone thinks you are gay on first impression, they are probably basing that on how you dress, because of the stereotype of the fashionable gay guy. If you’re wearing a particularly snazzy shirt and a woman is convinced you are gay, reply with something like “I’m not gay, but thanks, I’m glad you like my shirt”. This is probably the least awkward way of telling her that she is wrong about your sexuality, and shows that you are comfortable with who you are. It will also make her giggle and think that you’re smooth. Or, you could use her assumptions as a gateway to neg her by saying “I’m not gay, you must just be threatened by my great sense of style”.

The sleazy man’s way in
You may have heard about men who manage to get with women who think they’re gay by pretending that they are actually gay. There are two tactics they generally use; either they tell her they’ve never been with a woman and want to see what it’s like, or they pretend to let her turn them straight. As you can imagine, any woman who gets with a straight man in this manner is going to feel very betrayed and used when she finds out. Besides, any woman who thinks that a gay man has an interest in sleeping with her is gullible enough to be convinced to get with you by more honest means.

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