Thursday, August 9, 2012

Three Common Mistakes That Ruin Dates

Three Common Mistakes That Ruin Dates
When you’re at the all-important dating stage of a relationship, you’re can be trying so hard to give off a good impression that you don’t realise how you’re sabotaging yourself. Here are a few of the common mistakes men make which seriously affect your chances of scoring another date.

Getting drunk

Don't mess it up
A drink or two with dinner is fine, but it’s bad form to get drunk on a date. After a few drinks too many, you think you’re being charming and witty, when you’re a slurring mess. It’s even worse if she hasn’t had anything to drink, and can see your behaviour through sober eyes. Your task on a date is to give off the best possible impression of yourself. While alcohol will encourage you to think that’s what you’re doing, somehow it makes everything worse. Getting drunk on a date also shows you have a lack of self-control, and she can’t help wonder what other areas of your life that extends to.

Accidentally drinking too much on a date is not that common over a meal, but is more likely to happen in a more unconventional setting, such as going to a concert. You don’t keep track of how many drinks you’ve had, until you’ve reached that stage where you don’t care anymore and it all goes downhill from there. This problem can be avoided pretty easily: keep count of your drinks, and know how much you can handle before it starts affecting you.

Not letting her talk
You want to use conversation so you come off as interesting, friendly and funny; but she’ll think you’re an asshole if you don’t shut up and let her talk. You’re trying to get to know each other, not tell her your life story without finding out a thing about her. If she seems shy and you’re finding that you’re doing most of the talking, then ask her more open-ended questions. You want her to feel comfortable with you, which she won’t if she can’t get a word in.

Similarly, don’t talk for her. It used to be proper etiquette for a man to order for the woman when dining out, but not anymore in this century. Let her place her own order.

Flirting with other women
You’re on a date, not trying to pick up random women. Chatting up the waitress as you receive your romantic dinner shows you don’t really care about your date, and are just trying to get some ass. It also shows you have a roving eye before you’re even in a relationship. If you flirt with the waitress right in front of your date, she can only guess at what you would do behind her back if you got together.

Some men even flirt with other women on purpose, to create some competition, in the same way you would with girls you meet at a club. But a date is different. You’re meant to actually pay attention to your date, and show an interest in her rather than in other women.

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