Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Bald Look

Bruce-Willis - The Bald Look
Women of all ages have been shifting their idea of what makes a man hot, and a lot of them will admit that bald is sexy. Women everywhere have learned that hair doesn't make the man. In fact, some hairstyles on men can be off putting. And yes, women would prefer that a man embrace his hair loss issues rather than hide behind a horrible comb over, cheap toupee or poorly placed plugs.

Baldness, when embraced rather than artificially covered up, promotes an aura of rugged masculinity and confidence. To most women, male confidence is hot regardless of the amount of hair a guy has or doesn't have. The majority of women do not care if you are bald and actually feel that a bald man is more free-spirited and low maintenance. Most women would probably choose a bald man with self-confidence over a Fabio with self-esteem issues who clutters the medicine cabinet with male beauty products.

Women have preferences just like men, so let's face it--not all women will love you as a bald man. The bald look is going to look good on some guys and downright goofy on others. On the other hand, any woman who is focused on your hair is ignoring your better qualities anyway.

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