Monday, August 27, 2012

Playing to Your Strengths...

Playing to Your Strengths - strong man
Advice: Play to Your Strengths

Play to your strengths
Lately as I’ve started to write more advice columns I’ve taken the time to sit back and watch what works for some other guys out there, rather than focusing on just what works for me. I mean, yes I’d rather be checking out the voluptuous ass on the blonde that walks by in the skin tight jeans, but if watching my friends kick game will give my readers better content, I guess I’ll make some sacrifices. Unless I see an ass that’s really nice.

Duh. Of Course We like do to what we’re good at.
One of the first patterns that I’ve noticed is that as we get older we have a tendency try and focus our energy on everything we are good at because we are extremely comfortable in these particular areas. It makes sense. In the classroom we find a major that we want to start a career in, and we take tons of classes in that particular area. When we play sports we find our position and we try and contribute to the team the best way we can. And while were out there trying to meet new women, we wait for a situations where we are at ease and then jumping at the opportunity. Now, you might think that I’m going to tell you to try and address those issues that you’re bad at, but you know something- fuck it. If you’re good at something, go be great.

You Could be like This
This all started a few weekends ago when I was out with my boy, and he casually sat back at the bar while I ran around like a kid in a candy shop talking to every girl like the savage that I am. And while I ran around guessing girls panty colors he just sat back and chilled, drank his beer and smoked a few stogies. But the second I brought two girls over to take a few shots, I watched as he got up, came straight over to my girl’s friend and did his thing like it was nothing. He left with her at the end of the night, and I felt pretty good about giving him the assist- probably because I had a nice little score for myself. And I thought to myself, damn that kids know what he’s good at, and he just waiting for his opportunity show itself.

Just Because you got Small Dingaling Doesn’t Mean you Can’t Eat Box Like a Champ
You may limit your opportunities with girls when you don’t address a particular area that you’re weak in, but if you make the most out of those situations you’re good at, then hey dude, you’re going to do pretty well for yourself. So if you don’t like approaching, wait till a girl comes your way and hit her with your swag then. If you’re not the best looking guy in the world, hit that girls soft spots and let her melt in your arms.

I do it too. When a girls comes climbs into my bed for the first time the, I make sure I pull out the hammer and lay pipe because that’s what I’m good at. I won’t go down on her because I know that I’m a lot better at eating cheeseburgers than I am at eating pussy. That’s because I enjoy cheeseburgers. Okay I like pussy too, it’s just that some of them taste more like a McDonald’s fish filet.

We are all trying to be perfect and all that stuff, but let’s make sure we don’t forget about taking the time to master what we are already good at.

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