Thursday, August 9, 2012

How to Really “Impress” Your Date

How to Really Impress Your Date
If you look at mainstream dating advice, a lot of it focuses on how to be a proper gentleman in order to impress your date. The idea is to show her that you are a stable, classy guy who can afford to buy her a plate of lobster ravioli. The kind of guy who waits till the end of the date to kiss her on her doorstep. The guy who sends flowers to express his interest.

Impress her!
Clearly these are outdated concepts… Because really, it’s not about impressing her, it’s about attracting her.

Sure, when you go out on a date with a girl you like, you want to create the right impression. You want her to be properly impressed with the man that you are. But it isn’t the fancy dinner, the good manners, and the sweet smelling bouquet of daisies that will attract her or make her like you. This is where a lot of guys get confused with the whole “chicks like guys with money” thing.

I recently heard a story about this guy who bought a girl he liked a very expensive watch and took her on a trip to Las Vegas to try to win her favor. He took her to the finest restaurants and and showered her with compliments and sweet talk.

However, the girl insisted on separate rooms and ended up getting banged by some other guy that she met at the casino. The “provider” guy who tried to impress her with possesions, got a kiss on the cheek… And she kept the watch.

This is an extreme example but hopefully it illustrates this point for you. You could have 10 million smackers and compliment a woman all day long and it wouldn’t do anything to make her want to touch your weiner. Instead you should be focusing on showing a woman what a fun, sexy guy you are and keep money out of the equation.

Here are a few things to remember when you go on a date that actually will not only impress her but get her panties wet too:

1. Show her that you that you do well socially.
I would never recommend a double date or group get together the first time that you hang out with a chick. However, it is important that she gets a chance to see how you interact with others. The first few minutes that you spend with a woman she will be trying to get a read on who you are and her brain will look for signs from others to determine whether you are a likable, attractive guy or not. So be cool with the bartender when you order your drinks and talk to other people around you if possible so that she can see positive reactions that you get. Of course if random people don’t normally respond well to you this is something that you should work on.

2. Don’t tell stories to try to impress her
Often guys will attempt to impress their dates by telling anecdotes that make them look “high status” or to convey “higher value.” All this does is make you look like a “try hard” who is desperately seeking her approval. And that’s not attractive. Instead talk about things that genuinely interest you so that she can see your passions and see that you are a real person, not another phony trying to impress her. Keep the focus on the moment at hand and the experience that you are sharing with her.

3. Have a sexual vibe with her
Women are not attracted to asexual guys who try to hide their attraction. So it would behoove you to express your interest subtly from the moment that you meet her. A lot of this has to do with the way that you look at her, the expression on your face and the tone of your voice when you are talking to her. Let your eyelids droop and look at her with “soft eyes”, have a relaxed and appreciative expression and talk to her a low, smooth voice. It may sound corny, but chicks love this kind of stuff.

When you focus on connecting with your date rather than impressing her you will notice that you get a much better reaction.

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