Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Choosing the Right Cologne

Choosing the Right Cologne
Just as a clean shave, a pressed suit and a great haircut help make the man, choosing the right cologne fragrance is as equally important. Finding the right scent to complement your lifestyle can enhance your presence in a room or group and also cause women to think of you as that great-smelling guy they have to have. So how do you begin looking for the right cologne fragrance that will attract the ladies and best suit your lifestyle?

Choosing the right scent is not always about what smells good in a magazine or using the same scents your dad use to wear. What you think smells good might be the wrong scent for you to use because of the way a particular fragrance changes from guy to guy, as a cologne's scent is the product of chemical reactions between the skin and the cologne's ingredients. Therefore, you have to find a good cologne that not only smells right on you, but also makes you smell unique and suits your lifestyle.

The first step in knowing how to find your signature scent is to understand what type of skin you have --whether it’s sensitive, oily or dry. Guys with dry skin should opt for stronger fragrances that are formulated to last longer in drier, colder times, thereby reducing the need for frequent reapplication which will further dry out and damage the skin. When it comes to buying cologne for sensitive skin, follow the same rules for dry skin, but also look for colognes that list all-natural ingredients free from synthetic fragrances. Oily skin responds best to cologne that is developed for summertime wear (lighter scents) to help balance out the stronger natural odors that your skin is secreting.

Almost every cologne designed for men is based on either strong notes of musk, wood, citrus or floral-based water. So when you look for a new fragrance, choose a base scent you feel comfortable wearing that also accentuates your own unique style and personality. Also, consider your lifestyle and the setting in which you plan to wear it. For example, if you’re in close contact with colleagues at the office on a regular basis, you’ll want to avoid anything that others could find overpowering or offensive. On the other hand, a scent that’s fit for the office is not appropriate for a night out at the clubs, which calls for a stronger scent.

Once you’ve played around in the fragrance department, ask a few women you know about the scents you’ve tried. If you're still getting less than desired results from your own selections, take your woman or a close female friend you trust to go with you and let her help you find the right scent for you with brutal honesty. After all, you’re not wearing a fragrance to please yourself, but to enhance your presence and to be appealing to the women who ultimately have the final say in what smells good on you.

Once you've found your signature scents, remember to pay close attention to how much you apply. Contrary to popular belief, putting on more of any scent is not the answer and no one, especially women, should ever smell you before they see you enter a room or round a corner. Simply apply a little to your neck, torso and the wrists to make the fragrance mix with your body's scent and radiate outward more naturally as the hours pass.

To find your signature scent, you’ll have to do a little research, but the results can improve your confidence and help you to become irresistible to women.

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