Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Body Turn offs

beer belly - Body Turn offs
Lots of women let themselves go once they're in a relationship, but men are just as bad. Keeping yourself up and maintaining sexual attractiveness is very important, but as a relationship wears on, laziness and complacency can begin to creep in. If you think she will love you 'til the day you die no matter what you look like, think again.

Although women are usually far more tolerant, they still appreciate guys who take care of themselves to ensure they look good not only for themselves, but also for them. Here are 5 male body blunders women find most offensive and if you have them, you'd better get to work to get rid of them!

1. Man boobs
This is the area she most looks at when she looks at you're naked. A man's chest is one of a woman's favorite places to rest her head, along with nibbling on your nipples and caressing you. A man’s chest is a treasured place for women, so having a posh pair of man boobs is a major turn-off. Invest in some weights and learn to use them properly. With some focused attention, you can easily transform your man boobs into pecs she'll love.

2. Excessive pubic hair
Pubic hair needs to be trimmed no matter what. If you consider that having less hair in other places makes foreplay much easier for her, you may realize you have been missing out. A great way to spoil perfectly good foreplay is for her to get a hair stuck in her mouth.

3. Hairy back
A nice, smooth back will get you places a good personality and a nice hair won’t. If you have a hairy back, it’s not your fault that you have hairy genes, but you would probably get more attention without the hair. There are some women out there that do love hairy backs, but on a whole, hairy backs are a big reason why lots of men don’t get laid. Laser hair-removal clinics are the number one choice to try. Waxing is a suitable alternative, but you must maintain it. Don’t shave it, as it will grow back quickly.

4. Beer belly
Your stomach is predominantly what a woman sees when she looks at you. The stomach is also the main source of the excess weight on a man, so if you have a saggy, protruding pot belly, get rid of it! You don’t need abs of steel, but you do need to start doing sets of crunches and of course, cut back on the beer. You will notice her delight and her increased interest in touching the new and improved you when she sees the results of your effort.

5. Bad teeth
Broken and stained teeth drastically change your appearance and will cause you to lose you more women than you’ll ever know. Get your teeth cleaned regularly by a dentist and invest in home whitening kits. If you have missing or broken teeth, get them fixed. Consider it an investment in your sex life.

Being attractive can be hard work for some people, but on the whole a little bit of effort goes a long way for most of us. While your lover might insist she loves you just the way you are, it doesn’t mean you can’t improve yourself a little. Whatever you do, do it just as much for yourself as for her. It won’t go unnoticed.

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