Wednesday, August 29, 2012

5 Habits That Let You Meet Women !!!

couple-dating-Habits That Let You Meet Women
Women are more approachable and less suspicious when they meet guys through the course of a regular day and in an atmosphere when they feel comfortable and safe. So if you're currently frustrated by the lack of available women in your life, here are 5 positive habits you can learn that will allow you to naturally fit in and get noticed by women.

1. Go places where women hang out
One of the best ways to meet women is to position yourself to be noticed and let them come to you. You have to go to places where women hang out and return to on a regular basis, i.e., health clubs, libraries, yoga classes, cooking classes, special interest groups, etc.. These are places where conversations are easily started and you can casually interact with women and let them get to know you.

2. Maintain a good appearance
Sure, women like men to be men, but they don’t want you to be a caveman. Most good looking women take notice to and find themselves attracted to a man who takes pride in his appearance and takes care of his body. Proper grooming shouldn't be something you only bother with when you're going out; it should be an indispensable part of your routine.

3. Know how to introduce yourself
Here's an area where a lot of men blow it, that's why it's a habit you should start working on.The trick to making the first move and introducing yourself to women is to always exhibit confidence, a good sense of humor and show her that you are self-assured but not pushy. Keep the initial conversation light and breezy and establish a rapport with the woman you're talking to. Refrain from just talking about yourself and concentrate on being a good listener.

4. Offer help and be chivalrous
Chivalry is about respecting women. When you go out to various places, doing things like holding the door for a woman with an armload of groceries or giving up your seat on the bus to an lady shows women that you possess qualities such as courage, honor, and loyalty and that you are decent guy who is worthy of attention. We're not trying to suggest that respecting your elders or opening doors should be done just to meet women, but consider that a beautiful woman could be watching you every time you're rude or curse someone in public or lose your temper.

5. Smile
A man with a smile on his face is more approachable than a man with a frown. Your smile tells women that you're a friendly person who is open, friendly and relaxed on the inside. The act of smiling triggers good feelings in women and can be your best weapon to let them open up to you.

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