Monday, August 27, 2012

10 Reasons Women Lie !!!

10 Reasons Women Lie
Women lie about many different things. Whether they say you’re amazing in bed or you’re the best they have ever had, they are most likely lying. Here are a few reasons women lie about certain things.

Better Than You: If the female thinks she is better than you, she will probably lie to make you feel better. Most women don’t want to seem to powerful in the relationship so they will lie to make the men feel better about themselves.

Make Her Look Better: A woman might lie about her family or her history to look like a person than she really is. This usually happens on the first couple of dates.

Intimidation: A lot of women will lie about their job or career to look successful. When in reality, she probably works as a gogo dancer or as a waitress. They also lie about this to make you think she is going somewhere in life when she really isn’t.

Feelings: If she wants to break it off without hurting your feelings, she will probably lie about the break up. Even though most women can be mean at times, they do have feelings and want to spare yours as much as possible.

Cover up: If she has had a rough past or a past with a criminal record, she might lie about it during the first date. Most men might be turned off if a woman has been in jail before.

Distance: If a woman feels things are moving too fast for her liking, she might lie about her plans to get some space for a while. She might tell you she has to work late one night. She might actually be out with her girlfriends or another man. If she feels clustered by you, she probably needs a little space.

Trust: A lot of men like to ask personal questions to get to know her better. Some women need to trust someone before they share personal information. If they don’t trust you, they will probably lie.

Control Freak: There are many women who are considered to be control freaks. This means everything has to go her way or the highway. If something seems to be going wrong, she might make up a lie to gain the control back. If you start dating someone like this, you can either stay away or be her puppy.

The Test: If you have been dating a girl for a while, you should probably know certain facts about her life. If she starts lying about something that happened, she might be testing your knowledge. The best thing to do is call her out and let her know you know the truth. This will let her know you actually have been listening all this time.

Compulsive Liar: The last reason women lie is because that is all they know. There are many women who lie like it is a language. They have lied their entire life and don’t know anything different.

Whatever the reason is, most women will lie at one point in their life. When they do lie, men can choose to deal with it, call them out on their bluff, or stay silent the entire time.

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