Saturday, June 9, 2012

How To Find The Love Of Your Life ?!!!

How To Find The Love Of Your Life

Do you need to find love and romance in your life? Are you in a relationship that has gone stale and needs some life breathed into it. Start with yourself. Once you start introducing some excitement into your relationship, your partner will join in the fun and come up with new things to do. Here are a few ideas that could lead to some much needed fun and romance:

  • Make a video and post it on You Tube. You can proclaim your love for the entire world wide web to see. If you have a smart phone, you have all the equipment you need to start posting.
  • Send a sexy email- You could write an email and tell her everything you would like to do to her when you get her alone. You could write an email telling her about a fantasy you would like to act out.
  • Write a love letter - The handwritten word means more in this technologically advanced age. Write a letter in longhand, telling her everything you love about her.
  • Write a poem - Remember not all poems have to rhyme. You could find the most beautiful adjectives to describe your love for her. If I were writing it, I would either go overboard and make it as corny as hell or make it witty. You could even write some limericks.
  • Breakfast in bed - Who wouldn't love this? Be sure to wake her up in the most loving way possible.
  • Romantic homemade dinner - Use your best dishware and light a few candles. Hold her chair for her and make sure she feels one hundred percent the center of your attention.
  • Dancing with candles and soft music - Get the mp3 player or stereo set up with some slow music that you can slow dance to.
  • Make love coupons - You can make these by hand or use a software program and print them off of your computer. You can give coupons for a free massage, breakfast in bed, or the date of your choice.
  • Put love notes that she will find later - Slip a note telling her how much you love her into her jacket pocket.
  • Watch a sappy love story or scary movie together - you can make popcorn and cuddle on the couch together.

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