Monday, June 18, 2012

How To Convince Him For Marriage?

When you fall in love, you either date because you want a future with your love or date for passing time. If you are serious in your relationship, then you would obviously expect to get married to him. Women these days are into flirting but, in the long run, they too fall in love with their partners. The urge to get married comes up to the mind. You suddenly feel like taking your love relationship a step ahead. And it is marriage! Men are scared of a permanent commitment like this but, women get excited about it. If you want to get married but he is not ready, you have to convince him. Wondering how? Read on...

Is he scared?: Most of the men are scared to get married. Why? Because, they are worried about the additional responsibilities that will come for the lifetime. Firstly marriage, then kids, their future, catering to family needs etc. This is a typical men behaviour and you can't help. But, you should not become a prey to this. Find out the reason behind the delay in your marriage plans. Talk to him and find out if he is also scared of adding more responsibilities. You have to take it positively. He needs your support. So, make him feel that you are always by his side and marriage is not just about additional responsibilities.

Bring trust: You have to make him get over his attitude towards marriage. Few men are too stubborn and convincing them for marriage becomes difficult. There are few men who have seen their married male friends suffering after marriage. Set a positive example while discussing about marriage. This will make him think about your intentions and would appreciate your initiative too!

Show good side of marriage: Instead of talking about responsibilities, show him the good side of marriage. There are many benefits of marriage. Be it love or arranged, a couple if they love each other would live every day with joy and happiness. Site examples of each others parents and make him feel that marriage is nothing scary!!

Scare him: When talking doesn't work, you have to become slightly naughty. Scare him by going far away from him. For example, tell him that if he doesn't marry you, you will get married to someone else. If your man really loves you, he can't afford to lose you permanently. It is a blackmail but will surely work wonder!

Try these ways to convince him to get married to you. If he is not ready, give him some time but, don't ever think of forcing him. But if he doesn't agree even after giving him sufficient time then, you have to take a decision.. Good luck!

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