Saturday, June 9, 2012

Distance In Love Can Make It Work!

Distance In Love Can Make It Work!
Some amount of distance in love is not only healthy but also necessary. Now we cannot deny that long distance relationships have a surprisingly high failure rate. So, we are definitely not suggesting that you move to different cities and try to work out your problems. However, a break could be the magic formula for a successful relationship.

The problems that you do not see as a couple can be clearly identified when you are alone. Loneliness is a sure shot way cure unjustified self righteousness. Sometimes you are so bogged down with the constant bickering that you have no emotional space to think.

These basic points highlight the difference between a long distance relationship and building some distance (space) in love.

How Distance In Love Works?

1. Never make it look like a break up. It should seem like you are going on a soul searching journey for yourself. So, you are not running away from your partner but looking to spend some time for yourself.

2. Try to make it appear like a sabbatical from work or a long denied holiday for yourself. You should not pack your bags and leave in anger. That would be counter productive. He or she will feel abandoned. Always leave your partner in doubt not in certainty.

3. It is the golden rule of relationships that, when you stop going after a person, that person will surely come after you. So, taking a break or building a distance in your relationship can be good for couples. It helps you realise your self worth is your partner is taking you for granted.

4. Distance in love can solve some problems on its own. For example, the constant bickering will stop. You might actually realise the worth of your partner when he or she is not around. It is good to miss your partner once in a while to keep the passion burning.

5. Being away on a temporary long distance relationship can help you find your inner balance. You can resolve issues and anger problems much better when you are alone.

6. You coul take this oppurtunity of the 'break' to do something you have always wanted to. It could be an European holiday or do an executive MBA.

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