Sunday, April 1, 2012

How Will You Manage Your Man Under Stress?

My man has suddenly stopped caring for me? He looks so engrossed in his own thoughts that sometimes I get the feeling that I don’t exist for him? What should I do? Is our relationship breaking? Is he not anymore concerned about me? What should I decide about our relationship? I am also getting under stress looking at his behavior?’

These are the ways women describe their men when they are under stress? First of all let us look at how men react to stress, especially work-related stress? A man gets focused on the problems, and for most of the men till the problem gets solved nothing else exists. It is not their fault, but it is how men are programmed by nature. Once they face a serious work-related problem that causes them stress, they have a single goal- solve the problem.

During such times, the female partner feels ignored. She is not able to comprehend the strange behavior and worries about the relationship itself. There is nothing to worry, but she worries because she never behaves this way when she is facing any problem. So she is not able to comprehend the situation.

What can be done? The first step for a woman is to find out if the man is facing work-related stress? If she gets the answer in affirmative, she should allow some space to the man to remain focused and solve his problem. Rather than worrying about the relationship, she should try to keep the man as much free as possible from other issues and support him silently. As soon as the problem gets solved, the man will become his old self. He will thank his woman for standing beside him during his stressful period and the love will grow stronger.

We all are programmed differently. Let us always remember that love relationships demand giving. So if the need arises, don’t hesitate in giving and try to understand what is going on. Women will strengthen the relationship if they support their men who become indifferent to everything else when they get focused on a work problem. As I said before, don’t worry about not getting attention from your man, but support him. He needs it.

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