Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Do You Attract Women?

Do You Attract Women

For many men, attracting women looks very difficult. For few men, it is very simple. The women get attracted to them automatically. There is some magnetism in them or so it seems. It is their personality, their confidence and their talking style that attracts women of a certain type to such men. Now we are talking sense, because to ask the question to a man - Do you attract women? Sounds foolish to some extent. Every man is different and so is every woman. The attraction can never be universal. Let us discuss this further.

You may be an introvert person - More of a thinker and an intellectual. You will find it difficult to attract outgoing and extrovert women. It is said that opposites attract, but that attraction will not last long. When your beloved wants to go for hiking, you would like to go for a poetry recital session. So this attraction may occur at times, but will not last. Similarly, if you are a extrovert man, masculine and in love with adventures and risks, you can not attract women of opposite nature. You will attract women who find lot common between them and you.

It is not difficult to attract women, because they are looking for good partners. The problem arises when we try to attract women who have nothing in common with us. These women ill not are able to understand us and communicate with us. How can you talk of tennis with a woman who loves only reading Shakespeare? The solution lies in first looking for women with common nature and common goals. Once you find some of them, talk to them normally and tell them about your liking for them. Success generally comes with simple approach.

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