Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Avoiding Undesirable Men Who Want To Date You

Avoiding Undesirable Men Who Want To Date You

You are a nice woman. You believe in social etiquette. You don’t believe in saying words that may hurt. But you have a strong personality and make your choices very judiciously. You look attractive and walk and talk confidently. That attracts many men towards you. They all wish to date you. But you are not ready. You have to say no to them without hurting their feelings. This is a dilemma. Because you want to say no in a nice way. But a no will always hurt. How to do that?

Let us make sure about one point. If somebody does not take a hint, are you ready to say- ‘please, you are not my type. I don’t think I am interested in dating you?’ If yes, that will be a big load off your mind. Otherwise it becomes difficult to say no to those who don’t take the hint or act as if they did not get it.

What about those who take the hint? How to tell them no in a nice way? You can say many things. First of all say something flattering about that man that is truth. Something about his voice, dressing sense, or whatever. You will surely find something good in the worst specimen. That statement will mellow the man enough to take the blow that will follow. Anything like- ‘I am keeping very busy with my career and have no intention about dating in my mind right now. Maybe after some years, not now. But thank you so much for asking.’ That should do it, don’t you think?

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