Friday, February 3, 2012

Who Can Save A Relationship Better?

holding hands Sunset

Today the relationships break very fast. Some of them do not last even a year. Go back to the past and think of relationships that survived all the life. Today that is an exception. The norm is break-up of relationship in sometime after they are formed. This makes one wonder about many things. Was the relationship strong enough from beginning? Was the relationship worth the effort? Was the relationship formed to get pleasure or pain? And if both the parties were mentally prepared for the break-up right from the start, why did they not take steps to prevent that? Some relationships crumble so quickly, that one wonders about the whole gamut of relationships. Let us at least try and understand about who can save a relationship- the man or the woman?

Men are logical thinkers by nature. Women are more emotional and think in terms of feelings. Does that mean anything? A man may try and save the relationship by calculating the amount of trouble he would undergo with the break-up. On the other hand a woman puts lots of emotions on stake in a relationship. For her it is an emotional trauma to see the relationship breaking. Her emotions may control the slide or precipitate the break-up. Emotions can work either way.

What does one get by saving a relationship? Before answering this, let us always remember that some relationships give no satisfaction to either of the parties and both are better off without it. If one of the partners gets some satisfaction from the relationship they may try and save that. For saving the relationship, the partner may have to continue getting pained, but since he/she knows that the pain will be greater if the relationship is broken they will endure that pain and continue. Sometimes when a relationship is saved, it may improve over some years. It is easy to break but difficult to form.

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