Friday, February 3, 2012

How To Impress A Girl?

How To Impress A Girl

All men find the minds of women very difficult to read, especially so when they are attracted to them. So, the question on how to impress a girl is one that is asked by men of all categories. No matter how confident and how sure you are of yourself, at some point of time when you find a girl you are attracted to, you will find yourself asking this question and hoping that you find a the perfect answer so that you do nothing of the sort that would make you lose that very special girl.

In an attempt to impress girls, guys often end up being overenthusiastic and thus, going over the board. Many people have a misconception that money can act as a magnet in case of girls. The concept of impressing a girl with expensive clothes and fast cars is now a dinosaur as almost every woman is now independent and quite satisfied as far as her materialistic needs and desires go. So, the ways to impress a girl would truly depend on yourself and your positive attributes. Though it seems very difficult, impressing a girl really comes down to a few basic things. If these are paid attention to, you can have the girl of your dreams in a short time.

The first thing that a girl would notice about you is your sense of dressing and how you maintain yourself. A basic sense of personal hygiene is also a must as no girl would want to be anywhere close a man who is filthy. How you dress speaks volumes about your personality? It is not as if you need to be dressed in crisp suits at all times. However, girls have a certain expectation from men when it comes to dressing. If you think that your wardrobe can be a problem when it comes to girls, it is always a safe option to take the help of a female who knows you well to help sort you out.

Most of the times, men think about how to impress girls and thus, make their effort to impress seem very obvious. Sometimes, men resort to pretense to the point of lies. This is very dangerous as a relationship built on a base of lies would be on very shaky ground. When these pretences and lies are exposed, they would break trust and leave a man shamefaced. The best solution to this problem is to not try and impress. If the girl connects to you, she would love you for who you are. You should try and be completely relaxed in front of her. This would do wonders as it would make the girl feel comfortable too and she would, in turn, lower her defences and give you a chance to get to know her better. The phrase ‘honesty is the best policy’ is an apt one in such a scenario.

Every girl likes to be charmed and treated like a princess by man. She would want the guy to be a courteous and a perfect gentleman. This is not something you learn, but something you practice. If you respect her, your actions would reciprocate and show the same feelings in the ways of gestures. These gestures are often the ones that girls notice first. They would include holding out doors, making her walk on the safe side of the road, lending her your hand in case of a climb and so on.

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