Friday, February 3, 2012

10 Ways To Know If A Girl Likes You

Reading a girl’s mind is almost an impossible feat. However, to tell if a girl is interested in you is something that is possible with effort and a good power of observation. Not every girl is outright and confident enough to come up and tell you that she likes you. If a girl likes you, she would drop subtle hints that you need to pick up and make your next move. Here are ten ways to tell if a girl likes you or not.

1. She laughs even at jokes that are not funny:
This is one of the important signs that she likes you. If she laughs at your jokes, irrespective of it being good or bad, she does like you. It would be her way of indirectly saying that she enjoys the same brand of humor as you or she is trying to show that she likes you. It is a way of girls to make guys feel important and boost their ego.

2. She pays a lot of attention to what you say:
A girl who likes you would look in your eyes as you talk. You will find her following you through what you say and her eyes would not wander. She would remember little things that you mention in the conversation and ask about things herself to get to know more about you. She would want to connect with you better with the help of past conversations.

3. She constantly touches you:
When a girl likes you, she would constantly touch you in a light and casual way. It would be like a playful punch, a casual touch on the arm during conversation and similar gestures. She would do this to break the touch barrier between the two of you.

4. She gets jealous when you flirt with someone else:
Girls are easy victims of jealousy, especially if it involves the men they like. If your flirting with some other girl gets her jealous, it is likely that she has some hidden feelings about you. However do not flirt more otherwise she may begin feeling that she does not hold an important position in your life and result in her leaving.

5. She pretends to need your help:
This is yet another way that girls use to massage the male ego. A girl would pretend to be terrible at something and would get you to help her, thus making you feel important. She may pretend to be the damsel in distress to have you come to her rescue as her knight in shining armor. In such situations, always be willing to extend a helping hand to her.

6. She gazes over at you very often:
A girl who likes you would tend to look at you rather often. However, there is also a way in which she would look. If a girl has genuine feelings then she would either hold your gaze or look away frantically if you tend to glance back at her. If a girl holds your gaze, she is confident of herself and might approach you. However, if a girl looks away quickly, she may be shy and would be waiting for you to make the approach.

7. Her friends giggle/tease her when you are around:
Girls tend to stick along in groups and most of the times, if a girl likes someone, the entire group is sure to know about it. Reactions like giggles and hushed whispers are common when you are in the vicinity. Some of her friends may even loudly tease her by calling both your names together. However, the thing to look out for, is her reaction to all of it.

8. She gives a lot of importance to you:
If a girl likes you, all of her conversations would revolve around you. Her thoughts and actions would be such that they place you in a position of importance in her life. She would want to relate you with everything she talks about and would try that she gets you more involved with her life. You would take center stage in her life.

9. She flirts with you:
When a girl likes someone, she tries to open up and have fun with that person. So, when you would flirt with her, she would subtly flirt back, thus allowing you to flirt some more. It is a way of a girl showing you that she likes you and wants to have you come closer to her.

10. She looks for reasons to spend time with you:
If a girl likes you, she would search for excuses to spend time with you. Whether it is homework or a movie that none of her gal pals will watch, she would always want you around. She would also text you more often than anyone else and would look for reasons to call you and your conversations over the phone would generally linger to other topics without knowing how much time has passed.

If you observe some of these signs together, you can be fairly sure that the girl likes you. In such a case, you can proceed further by approaching her. However, every individual is different, has different attributes and reacts differently to situations. Judging a person solely on body language would be risky. The best option is to get to know her more before making an approach.

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