Friday, February 3, 2012

10 Ways To Impress A Girl

Trying to impress a girl is not easy. Girls are unpredictable. It is difficult to predict what could change their mind about you. You also have to be careful in your approach as girls can smell a desperate guy from miles away. A little carelessness from your side and you will witness the three inch heals running away from you. However, impressing a girl is no rocket science. With a little effort from your end, it shouldn’t be difficult to impress the girl of your dreams.

1. Don’t Give Her Too Much Of Attention:
Now this is a tricky one! You have to pay some amount of attention to her but nevertheless, keep it minimal. Girls, for some unknown reason, tend to get attracted to boys who don’t shower them with attention all the time.

2. Gentlemen Like Behavior:
A well-mannered gentleman is always a turn on for every girl. Even small gestures like holding the door for her, serving her first when out on dinner or simply talking to her with respect will naturally get her attention drawn towards you.

3. Listening To Her:
Girls love to talk. They naturally would find a guy who listens to them more appealing than the rest. Do not interrupt while she is talking or be ready to face her wrath.

4. Sense Of Humor:
If you manage to make her laugh, half of your work is done. Girls love boys who have a good sense of humor. A boy with a great sense of humor is on the wish list of almost every girl on this planet.

5. Maintain Eye Contact:
When you are talking to her, try looking deep into her eyes instead of looking all over her or somewhere else. It shows confidence and also shows that you are seriously interested in conversing with her.

6. Play Hard To Get:
Don’t let her know that she can get you easily. Put up a strong front and play hard to get. Be a little secretive and don’t tell her everything about yourself. This will make you seem more appealing.

7. Be Honest:
Girls like boys who are not insecure to show their true side. Don’t put up a fake front. Lies can cause a lot of embarrassment when they are exposed. Always be proud of your own identity.

8. Hygienic:
An unhygienic man is the worst nightmare for any girl. Under any circumstances she would not want to be with a boy who doesn’t know about basic hygiene. Also, make sure you are well groomed. Practicing some amount of table manners and other etiquette is also necessary if you want to impress a girl.

9. Compliment Her:
Girls love it when guys compliment them about different things. However make sure that you sound sincere and are not complimenting for the sake of it.

10. Kindness:
Last but not the least, be kind to people around you. This specially refers to those like cab drivers, watchmen, waiters and so on.

Girls like simple things. As soon as they find that you are faking and are actually a person who is trying to be someone else, they get instantly turned off. Be yourself because at the end of the day even if you don’t get the girl, why would you want someone to like you for what you are not?

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