Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Men Blaming Women For Their Dating Problems !!

Men Blaming Women For Their Dating Problems
On questions like: How to talk to women, what to say to them, how to approach them, should you bring a flower on that first date...some men think that the advice should come from the men, After all, they say, they are the ones who are doing it; that you should ask the men who have success with women. And, they say, "women don't know what they want. They are too indecisive."

On the surface this does seem to make sense. There are indeed a lot of women who really don't know what they want. But, if one was to look at this closely, you may find another point of view. Let's look at this more closely, and think about this:

When you compare the sexes, do you think that there are probably just as many men who are the same way because they think with their hormones? One moment he wants this particular woman, the next he changes his mind to another type of woman. Are some men indecisive like this?

Also, could it be that it isn't that women don't know what they want, it's that many men can't understand them; there is this misunderstanding between the sexes, which in turn makes it seem like they don't know what they want???

For example:

Many women say they like "nice guys," but they don't date them. They date jerks. This is a classic misunderstanding between the sexes. She wants to be with that nice guy. It's just that he is TOO nice. He always tries to please her. He acts like a doormat. While, on the other hand, the "jerk" doesn't act like that. Many women will stay in a relationship, if you want to call it that, because they are hoping that they can get rid of that part in him that they don't like. They will try to change him. They want a man to act like a man, but at the same a nice man.

"I Will Always Pay Attention To MEN'S BEHAVIOR That Attracts Women."

We read this recently from a gentleman who firmly believes a man should get dating advice from another man who can get the women. If you want to know what words to use to best get that date with a stranger, listen to a guy who has already done it. Men shouldn't listen to women because women don't ask other women out, so how would they know what works and what doesn't?

Does this also seem to make sense? Well, let's take another look at this one also.

It's true that one should listen to the man who knows how to attract the women, and get dates, but, what should be looked more closely is what kind of women is he able to get dates with? If he usually dates easy women, who have no character to them, what does that tell you? If you are looking for a serious relationship with that, RIGHT woman, should you listen to him?

Here's another thing to think about. Men who say that you shouldn't ask women on how to ask them out and the best way to approach them is because they don't ask out other women. Well that one really doesn't make sense. No, they don't ask each other out, BUT, they do get approached by men! What if you asked your female friend if such and such line would work to best break the ice with her. She can tell you if it would work with her. After all, you aren't asking the man out!

Here's another thing to think about. How would you feel if your female friend, or a coworker asked you for dating advice on how to get a guy to ask her out? She asked you what your favorite perfume is, how you would feel if a woman asked you for a date, etc., etc. Well, why should she ask you? Shouldn't she ask a woman?

You see, once you better understand women, and take another look at the bottom line to all of this, you will realize that they do indeed know what they want (Well, most women, that is. There are many screwy ones out there), and that it is better to listen to women on the best way to get dates with them. You just have to understand their thinking better, just like they need to better understand our thinking also.

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