Monday, January 23, 2012

Love of Two Hearts

Love of Two Hearts

Love is a song
Love is a song that is sung by the hearts.
The song whose words are compiled by hearts.

The words whose meanings have got the mean for hearts.
The song, which is spun into the melody by the hearts.
And then the beginning and ending of the song is found in those souls.

Love of hearts
Love is that blessing of god which is shared by everyone on this earth. Some will welcome this blessing in their lives way and some will just ignore it. But, they can't hide themselves from this feeling of love.

Love is that feeling which enter's into one's life without letting to know that person. And, then love fill's all it's colors in the life of that person.

Love is that light, which enlightens the path's of darkness. Love is that voiceless sound, which brake's the sound of isolation.

When love enters's into the heart or life of any person than he/she see only the beauty of love all around. Love makes the life of a person a better sphere to live in.

The hearts which get into the grip or which are blessed with love always sing the song of love. These hearts will found the beginning and the ending of their love song in their hearts. Those hearts will always talk for love.

But, love has got some other aspects also, in which there is pain even in wellness, in which there is silence even in sound, in which there is darkness even in light.

Love brings happiness-sorrow

Love brings light darkness

Love brings sound-silence
The hearts, which beat for each other, which sing the songs for each other have same time to face the other phases of love.

In love its not done that there will be no up's and down's. It has been said, "LOVE IS BLIND" because one who get's into love don't see whether it will bring happiness/sadness, light/darkness. Because when they step into the sphere of love they find happiness even in sadness, light even in darkness.
In love, the hearts will see each other even in darkness, because their hearts are blessed with the light of love, they will hear each other's voice even in silence. Why this all happens don't know, but this all happens in love.

Love is what don't know, it is that which can't be described, as it can only be felt. Because it is that feeling which cannot be seen, touched, described, it can only be felt within the heart.

Hearts, which are engaged in love, are not afraid of anything, they are afraid of only one thing and that is parting i.e. they cannot even dream of getting away from each other. Because this parting is just like death, end of life for those hearts.
The hearts of Romeo &Juliet, soni-mahiwaal, mirza-saheba were just like it.
In love the hearts live for each other, they die for each other.
The hearts then use to pray for only love. Love creates an aura of purity within them.
The two hearts spend their lives only in the name of love, their happiness; their joy is within them.

The hearts, which are in love, can't even see anyone sad even in dreams. And if they get apart, then their lives have got no meaning, but then also their hearts will beat for each other, their eyes will see each other, then also they will pray or each other. In love there is no place for the word ME or I, the only word is WE (or it can be said as I coz they are two bodies and one soul, the I is not for individuality its for one-ness). And those hearts can never get apart from each other for long time. On some day they will meet each other to fill up those spaces/gaps in the fingers that god has created, by holding each other's hands.

So one must go through this wonder of wonder i.e. through the feeling of love. Because one who has felt the feeling of love has found the god, has found the heaven on this earth.
Love is the spiritual love it shows the inner sense of a person the inner reality.
So love, love and love and to feel this wonderful blessing of god, have faith in god, believe in god. Because by having faith in god, one will automatically have faith in love. Love is god for those hearts. And if they are in true love, then they will worship their love, which means they're worshipping god.

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