Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Dance of Love!

The Dance of Love

Searching for the most amazing power in the universe is what drives every individual alive whether they realize it or not. When it comes to love and to having everything that love is, I believe that we search outwardly, rather than looking inside to see what has been hand selected for us to discover. If we continue to search for what we need, we will always lack. If we turn our abilities and gifts outward then I believe every last thing that we crave, desire, and fantasize about will flow effortlessly into our lives, in the exact place that we need it, and at exactly the right time.

Love is the most powerful force in the universe! It is mistaken for a feeling more often than we care to admit. When the feelings fade, then so do our perceptions and efforts. I agree that the feeling that is produced as a result of loving someone is nothing short of miraculous! It takes your breath away, captures every part of who you are, and creates the willingness to do whatever is necessary to shower the one that you love with everything that you are, or ever will become. A day feels like ten years of the most amazing joy and peace, sheer happiness! There is nothing that would keep you from making the one that you love know that they are the apple of your eye, and the very essence of your heart.

Everyday you strive to show them how you have changed by loving them, and how they add to your life every single day. Indescribably, life flows through every part of you and you begin to change in ways that you never even imagined possible, yet you are.

There is no doubt in my mind or my heart that loving someone with genuine love will help you to grow younger, become more beautiful as the days become years and yet you feel as if it has only been hours! The mystery and design of love and it's ability to constantly challenge you to become more and to grow into one another reveals itself as we walk it out together.

I picture a beautiful dance, where there are two flowing together and moving in stride. Though the steps that you take for the first time seem difficult, and the steps themselves may be complex, it is because of your love and devotion meshed with your faith in each other, that the dance appears effortless and breathtaking! Such is the dance of LOVE!

It takes much time to practice, and to learn the steps that you will make together.

Sometimes through the rehearsal you will step on toes or even forget how to complete one of the steps that flow into the next move you will make. It may feel choppy and unorganized as if you are making the same motion yet with very little movement.

You may become frustrated when you see that the other person seems to understand something sooner or even easier than you do.

Soon you will both realize as you take the time to be patient and attentive to one another that you will both begin to feel confidence rising up within you, where suddenly, you become as one! Even if it means willingness to repeat the steps that you don't feel like you should have to repeat again. As you begin to dance, you flow together, not sure of where one begins and the other ends. One leads, and the other follows, but if you were both struggling to lead, then you wouldn't be able to move freely, passionately, and effortlessly. This is how love looks to me now!

When you love someone with genuine love, which is agape love, the God kind of love, there is no doubt that it is never about you. It doesn't any longer hold the attitude that asks yourself what do I need or what am I getting back in return for all that I do? If we give to get something back in return, we will eventually let our emotions control our efforts, and in our own strength we will fail.

Our motives will determine our success and destiny! True love is completely unselfish and always looks to please the other person without any regard for a reward for ourselves. Love has to love! Love has to open itself and find as many ways as possible to show goodness, and mercy.

It is not conditional and self serving. When one fails, the other persons love should be there to shelter your heart and to build you up. Love is guiltless, and only encourages, edifies, and remembers all of the wonderful things that make you who you are.

It is not wrong to want your love to be reciprocated. In fact, I believe that is what drives us and fuels our ability to keep on going when things get tough. Being loved back, and adored is the one thing that will give strength in places and times where there is no strength left to give. When you find yourself in obedience and are willing to wait for the wonderful promises that have been made to us by God, I believe that it is only then that we will find ourselves with the person that God has personally designed for us to be with for the rest of our lives. This will be the one person that will complete you!

When you find yourself in that perfect union, you won't have to wonder what you will get back in return for giving yourself and your love. Love will come to you because you both seek to please each other. The more that you give, the more love you will be given to love with. The moment that we stop giving and start accepting, we have just lost sight of what love is, and in that we will begin to question, doubt, and allow confusion to trap us into our feelings. It is then, that we need to recall that love is not based upon how we feel, but is a choice that we make from moment to moment.

Give and it will be given back to you. Maybe not in the way that you think it should be, or in the time that you think that it should come to you, but you will always receive back from the seeds that you have spent your time planting. If you want a harvest then you need to see what you are planting, and if you don't like the results that you are getting, then you need to change what you are sowing! This is the most simple spiritual principle or law of sowing and reaping, but somehow we tend to overlook how vital this actually is to our joy, and abundance in every area of our life!

Finding this out while searching your own heart can be an incredible awakening! Most of the time we will find that if we are honest with ourselves that we haven't even loved someone with our true heart. We generally give according to what we hope to get back, then we are rejected, and even devastated, when things didn't happen the way that we had hoped or expected. Most of the time we place unrealistic expectations on those around us, and then we blame them when they fail us in some way that they may not even be aware of.

In order to gain a full understanding of love you must study its personality, follow after it and line our life and actions up with how love handles itself. Pursue love and go after it with passion! If we aren't striving and working to know love, we may very well miss it because how do you know what something is if you have no idea what it is that you are looking for?

If you were never taught what something is then you won't know how to value it and maintain persistence for it. It is somewhat like going to what seems to be an ordinary garage sale. Everyday people will rummage through someone's things. If they aren't sure what they are looking at, then they will miss an opportunity to find something that is very precious and valuable. They may look at something and say this is junk, but to another it may be extremely valuable and worth much money. People can devalue something because of their lack of understanding, and it gets bypassed. They may never know what it was worth.

The next person will come by and browse through the "junk" but this person found a great treasure. The difference is that this person knew what they were looking for, and knew what it would look like once it was cleaned up and restored.

Their knowledge and understanding enabled them to find a true treasure, and to see what most people could only pass over without a second look. Not understanding that love is completely unselfish and is unconditional will rob us of the chance to really live! Once we know that love doesn't hold grudges, or keep a running tab of hurts, and that it forgives as quickly as it was offended, and it is never competitive, we will choose to keep looking forwards with love, and not quit!

We need to grasp that love always sees beyond any faults or issues that a person has and need to concentrate on how to build the other person up-Always! When you realize that love is not moved by what it sees with our mortal eyes, but moves eloquently in absolute faith, then you can begin to take a glimpse of it's completeness with absolute devotion, commitment, and inability to fail.

If you are attempting to love in your flesh and with your feelings, then it will be utterly impossible to put off the distractions of life and you will become weary. When you lean on God for your love, only then will you find the ability to walk out your life in the image and character of God himself, because He is LOVE. You simply begin to know that there is no room for excuses or blame, and no desire to make any either. You realize that when you love with all that love is that it doesn't matter about being right, and you certainly don't want to open the door to having pride tear down the one that you love.

You easily submit and choose to create peace so that it surrounds your most valuable and priceless gift-the one that you love. I know that love is the most powerful and passionate gift that has been made available to us, and there is nothing that can stand up against love. It weakens every wall, and builds up every insecurity over time with trust. Fear becomes obsolete, and can't remain in the presence of love. There is such peace in love, and absolute contentment.

Love gives you the ability to see through all circumstances, lean on the love of your life, and believe your best for them always and at all times. If you are living in the will of Love, you won't have time to be consumed with what you aren't getting, thus becoming selfish and self centered. Make sure that you place the love of your life higher than yourself, and make sure that you are finding ways to discover new things together about yourselves and giving all that you are to each other every single day.

We could all say that if we really knew what love is, then we would have made different choices. The reality in this moment and in this page of time is that now we do know! We are empowered to live right, and live full of giving with our heart, mind, will, and emotions! We should be living freely without fear and knowing that we will get every last thing that we have ever wanted in life, and things beyond our imaginations if we will just choose to live out our love.

Everything begins with a choice. If we don't choose with all conviction and belief to love, then how can we say that we ever started? We deceive ourselves in believing that we have made a true choice to begin something that we have never really begun. Agape love-Loving without limits! Loving as God loves us, and without excuses. If we aren't living out our lives with expectancy, then we may just miss the love of our lives, and never even know that we missed it.

Let love envelop you!

Be prepared to give all that you are, but look forward to receiving as you have never received before! Love will change the way that you see, and it is unparalleled to anything that you can begin to fathom, but without a choice, and unwavering belief, you will never know what you were too afraid to do.

Love will blow your mind, because there is nothing else on this earth that can impact your life the way that love does! Making different choices will bring satisfaction into your heart, and that will open the door for you to let love in. Love is the only thing that will be able to last into eternity-there is nothing like it, nothing that could replace it, and nothing that you will be more grateful for in all of your life.

This blessing of giving the love inside of you to the one that God has given to you only then will you dance, but this dance will be different because we will do this dance everyday for the rest of our days. Flowing as one and continuously falling in love over and over again in every new day that comes until I take my last breath. This is love!

I live a passionate and determined life! I live my life on purpose! I take things as they come and rise to a greater level of ability to overcome and achieve more than my wildest dreams, and if you don't do that on purpose I have found that most of the time you won't do it at all.

I dream bigger than myself. I've realized the desires within our hearts are most often abilities that we possess and don't even know it. Our desire to do something gives way to pursuing that dream, and our dreams create the level of our abilities!

I live a life led by faith and am not moved by what I see in circumstances that present themselves in my life. I live fearlessly and my mission in life is to touch the lives of everyone that I come into contact with by demonstrating the true power of love in everything I do and say.

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