Monday, January 23, 2012

Being in Love.....

Being in Love

Each day dawns and a new life begins. A bus explodes and you are different. A germ invades and you are no longer yourself. A friend changes their mind and you are alone. So much can affect our new life, our new day.

To wake anew each day would be to wake as a child. Yesterdays bruises often bare no insight as to how high to climb, how fast to run. Unless of course, the worried words of the parent cause that innocence to become, fear.

In business, to wake anew each day would, in the most part cause failure. We would not learn from our mistakes. We would not learn from our teachers and therefore we would invest poorly. But in love, to say I learned from my mistakes is the first and last pollution.

To learn from mistakes in love is to separate yourself from love. In love, we are children. We must be. To learn means we understand better and worse, and to see this, we enter the mind. Mind is dual. It wants separations. He did this and she did that. This is the ego and ego cannot love.

Ego can imitate love, it can infatuate, but it cannot love. Ego can seduce and be seduced, because it is dual, something more than something can cause the ego to be stimulated and then cause it to hate. It switches between these two states. Ego is paranoid. It looks for evidence. Flirts with attractions. Ego is suspicious, fearful, desiring, hating.

Love is none of these things. Love is a moment and that moment is precious. One moment of love is worth a million moments of all else. Ego might build the house, love turns it into a home. Ego might cause an orgasm, love is the warmth of a lovers arms. Ego blames your ex and your current lover for all your woes. Love has no memory, learns nothing, just is.

Relationships are not built on love, they are built on ego. Relationships are businesses. They make things. They make houses and sex, and babies and bank accounts. You must learn allot about relationships. To enter a relationship without memory is like entering into a stage play and thinking it is reality. People act in relationships in order to over come fear, and build their personal desires. This is business isn't it?

But love is different. Love and relationship are different. Do you see the relationships that survive without love? There is relationship but intimacy, kindness and compassion may be lacking. Relationships can make a man and woman wealthy, and can harvest children into the world, but relationships cannot make a human happy.

Love and intimacy makes us happy. That is why relationships with so much going for them fail. They provide all the needs, the wants and the desires of the individual but cannot make that person happy. They want more. And that more is love, intimacy, compassion and kindness.

If you feed a person ice cream, you feed them relationship. But more relationship is no more interesting than more ice cream. People think if they feed their partner more relationship, more wealth, more children, more house, they will fulfill their partners needs. But such feeding just makes their partner hungry. This is why some of the wealthiest people are the saddest. They do not have needs and wants to occupy their mind, they only crave love.

All humans crave love. But to a starving person, love can be supplied in a simple way. Food means love. Eventually however that food is not love if there is enough of it. Then love might become a house or a health. They will redefine love as what they need until they need little. Then they will invent needs. A Gucci watch or a Porche.

The hunger has become a habit of wanting. Wanting more. More of everything. A wanting of things and gifts and possessions and ego trips with applause. The real hunger is for love and it sits underneath all this. We cannot fulfill relationships with love and we cannot fulfill love with relationships. One puts bread in our mouth and makes us feel good about who we are. The other is who we are and simply brings us alive.

You say "I want to be happy" then please recognize that spirituality, religion and following austere practices will not cause it. Relationships will not cause sustained happiness. Love is what causes sustained happiness and the greatest happiness comes from the greatest love and the greatest love is that which you give.

The prostitute knows this. They do not give sex, they give love. Their customer asks for sex but really wants love. Love is acceptance, honoring, surrender and mindless time. The husband who buys his wife a gift because it is the right time does not know this. It is the touch in the hand, the feeling in the eye, the warmth in the heart that defines love. Things, without this, are temporary and will cause the eventual pain to balance the immediate pleasure.

Things given with love cause love. Love is not dual. There is no happy and counterbalance of sad. Love is the one thing on earth that cannot be split in two. Love is the ultimate thought of the meditator, and the object of their love might be a god. But our focus must be away from gods and gurus if our world is to improve beyond terror and war.

The focus of our love must become real, an ego destroying, real life challenging, perception confronting human and this human is the one who is bound to us in relationship but committed to us by love. This is the environment where children will blossom. Children might achieve the highest grades in a home built on relationship, because business gets results, but children become loving humans in home where love thrives beyond ambition.

Today, step away from the winning edge and consider your heart. Consider the love that can be. Separate your relationship from the love you feel. Allow the structures and laws that bind you in relationship to manage your needs and wants, and then turn your heart and mind to the real passion of your universal existence. Love. And in doing this, your life, your love, your relationships and your business become sacred.

This is spirituality as deep and as beautiful as it gets. Love - kindness, compassion and intimacy. Kindness is a state of generosity of spirit, compassion is a state of humility and understanding and intimacy is a state of stillness in which nothing other than the lips of your beloved are worthy of thought.

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